OATH’s members will include device manufacturers,application developers, platform vendors, and more. Companies who join the OATHinitiative will be the market leaders in a new era of network interaction basedon strong authentication principles, where information is freely yet securelyshared between devices, people, and networks. Market expansion and market opportunity Teaming with OATH willafford your company the opportunity to experience market expansion and growth.By incorporating standard open authentication technologies into your products,you will be leading the charge toward making strong authentication theubiquitous solution to today’s security challenges. Manufacturers who integratethis standard technology in their products will produce goods that, because oftheir ability to interoperate with technologies from other manufacturers, willbe a favored choice with customers.

Your customers do not want to be locked into securitysolutions that only work in conjunction with limited, proprietary technologies.Offer them the freedom of choice that comes with OATH’s strong, openauthentication solution and watch your market opportunities expand.

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